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Hunting Prices


Trophy fees are in addition to daily fee of $425

Includes meals, lodging, and guide

Non-hunter fee $125



Dove Day Hunt   ***Upon Availability

3-hour hunt morning or evening



Dove Hunt (lodging & food, 2 days/1 night) $250.00

 Dove Hunt (lodging & food, 3 days/2 nights)

WT Doe $250.00
WT Culls (7 pts. or less) $1500.00
Whitetail Bucks up to 129" $1500.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 130"-149 $3000.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 150"-169" $5000.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 170"-189" $7000.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 190"-205" $9000.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 206"-220" $12000.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck for next 20 inches $200/inch
Whitetail Trophy Buck for next 40 inches after that $150/inch
Whitetail Trophy Buck - inches above that $100/inch

Axis Doe


2nd Animal Price




Axis Trophy Buck

Up to 32"

32.1" +




Addax call for price

Blackbuck Antelope

Up to 20"

20.1" + 




Fallow Trophy Buck  call for price
Gemsbok call for price
Greater Kudu call for price
Nilgai call for price
Red Deer Super Trophy call for price
Red Sheep call for price
Sable Antelope  call for price
Scimitar-horned Oryx  call for price
Springbok call for price
Wildebeest call for price