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NNNN Operations, better known as 4N Ranches, has updated the name to 4N Ridgeview Ranch.  Still a great place to visit and hunt with a few changes to our layout.

We are still a family-owned and operated exotics breeding and hunting ranch.  If you ever wondered how we came up with the name, each “N” represents a member of the New family.  Yup you guessed it, there are four of us; Alvin, Shelley, Elizabeth, and Victoria New.   

NNNN Operations was born in 2008 when we acquired 1500 acres of beautiful West Texas scenery off Knickerbocker Road in San Angelo, Texas, known as the Paisano Ranch.  Since acquiring, we have added 3 lodges, a game cabin, as well as, an enclosed pavilion for meetings or weddings. 

In 2012, we were blessed to add the adjoining 2000-plus acre property, known as Ridgeview Ranch, to our operation.  This property came with a 3 bedroom house and some beautiful scenery.   

So for the name change…in 2022, we made a decision to downsize our operation and sold the Paisano Ranch.  Yes, that means we are no longer a venue for weddings and large get-togethers, but, we are still in the exotic hunting business and we would love to have you come hunt with us. 

What do we do?  Well, we do it all!  Do you want to hunt, fish, take pictures or just get away and relax?  Then 4N Ridgeview Ranch is what you are looking for!  Only 10 minutes from the San Angelo airport, we are a hop, skip and jump away from the “Best of Times.”

At any given point, we have about 15 different species roaming around the ranch.  If you are looking for exotics, we have an amazing selection of trophy exotic animals.  This includes; trophy axis bucks, blackbuck antelope, scimitar-horned oryx, gemsbok, kudu, and sable antelope, just to name a few.  We also have some monster whitetail bucks.  Just imagine hunting a whitetail buck with a 220” or bigger rack!  Give us a call today to book your hunt.


The “Best of Times” is only a phone call away!


 Tom Granger

Ranch Manager

Phone: (325) 276-0181

Email:  [email protected]