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4N Ridgeview Exotics Breeding and Hunting Ranch

The Best of Times!



Our hunting is extraordinary! If you want a great chance at a BIG Whitetail buck, our Texas Whitetails are incredibly big. We have several ponds for fishing, plentiful doves, and many exotic species: red stag, gemsbok, scimitar oryx, red lechwe, fallow deer, axis deer, blackbuck antelopes, and even zebras. Come hunt with us!


Gatherings & Retreats

Have you ever wanted to get a world away but don’t have time to travel to a secluded island? Here at 4N Ranches, we provide 3500-acres of beautiful West Texas landscape that will have you feeling like you’re a lifetime away. When you go back to the “real world”, you are not just leaving any old ranch, but home!


Whitetail & Exotic Sales

Our ranch has a focused genotype approach to our Whitetail Deer, Transcaspian Urial Sheep Nubian Ibex goats, and Impalas. We also have pasture herds of Axis deer, Blackbuck antelope, Red Lechwe, Scimitar Oryx, Gemsbok Oryx, Sable Antelope, Greater Kudu, and Zebras. If you have animal needs for your place, we can help.


Angus & Dorper Sheep Sales

Coming Soon