The Best of Times!

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Our hunting is extraordinary! We have everything you want on 3,500 acres. If you want a great chance at a BIG Whitetail buck, our Texas Whitetails are incredibly big – even our management deer meet trophy Whitetail criteria.

We have huge turkeys, plentiful doves, and many exotic species: red stag, gemsbok, scimitar oryx, red lechwe, fallow deer, axis deer, blackbuck antelopes, and even zebras.  At any given time there are approximately 20 different species on the ranch.

Come hunt with us – it’s a fantastic experience!

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Whitetail & Exotic Sales


Our ranch has a focused genotype approach to our whitetail deer, Transcaspian Urial sheep and Nubian Ibex goats. We also have pasture herds of Axis deer, Blackbuck antelope, Red Lechwe, Scimitar Oryx, Gemsbok Oryx and Zebras. If you have animal needs for your place, we can help.

Our whitetail deer operation is sophisticated and focused. We work to create a line of genetics and a “look” that enthusiasts and hunters will find incredible for size and beauty. So, it is not big bred to big with a goal of huge, no matter what the look. It is the effort to create a line of deer (like ancestors would with cows or sheep) that are healthy, productive and a hunter’s dream with consistency of look over time.

Does for sale: yearlings, 2 & 3 year olds, 4 years & older.

Breeder bucks & AI sires.



Celebrate the most important day of your life – your wedding – in a unique country setting here at 4N Ranches. Our experienced staff will help you create your special day.

We are also the ideal setting for parties! We can provide catering, chairs and tables, lodging and outdoor activities such as a scavenger hunt, hay ride, shooting/fishing, and more. Call 325-716-0319 or click here for more information.



Take your family a world away! Get away from it all, soak up some rays and see the incredible assortment of native and exotic wildlife, go fishing, sleep in, whatever you want to do – we’ll take care of the rest.

Front porch views include the fishing pond with large grass meadow and wildlife feeders to enhance viewing opportunities. Back porch views center on the food plot that attracts animals early in the morning and late in the evening.

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