Hunt Pricing

Trophy fees are in addition to daily fee of $325 (for meals, lodging, and guide).

Turkey Hunt - Meals and lodging included - 2 Toms$1500.00Axis Doe$425.00
Dove Day Hunt$150.00Axis Trophy Buck$2900.00
Dove Hunt (lodging & food, 3 days/2 nights)$550.00Aoudad$4250.00
WHITETAIL DEERPRICINGBlackbuck Antelope$2950.00
WT Doe$175.00Fallow Trophy Buck$3950.00
WT Culls (7 pts. or less)$1250.00Pere David Deer$6950.00
Whitetail Bucks up to 129"$2000.00**Scimitar-horned Oryx$3950.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 130"-149$3700.00White-bearded Gnu$5950.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 150"-169"$5500.00Red Lechwe$6950.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 170"-189"$7500.00Gemsbok$6950.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 190"-205"$9500.00Eland$6950.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck 206"-220"$11,950.00Red Deer Super Trophy$7450.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck -
next 20 inches
Whitetail Trophy Buck -
for next 40 inches after that
$150/inchMouflon $4250.00
Whitetail Trophy Buck - inches above that$100/inchRed Sheep$6950.00