Ridge View Ranch - Fair Chase Hunts

The NNNN (4N) ranch for fair chase hunters is the Ridge View Ranch. One can see for days from the top of Antenna Hill. The animals are what nature provides on 2,000 acres of Texas hunting paradise. Hunters can shoot any animal that meets their standard for the same price and they can choose from three species, native Texas Whitetail, Axis deer and Blackbuck antelope.

The ranch also has fallow deer, red stag, elk and turkeys for the price of an upgrade. Please see pricing for details.

On Ridge View, we offer semi-guided hunts where one guide handles two hunters. One may be dropped off at a blind while the other joins the guide for some rattling elsewhere on the ranch, and the guide takes turns based on the hunters desires and needs. If you are more interested in a fully guided hunt for big Texas Whitetails and exotics, please see our Paisano Ranch hunts.

The Ridge View ranch features blinds and feeders that are full year around and plentiful water. Our bass pond and catfish pond are two great areas for hunting, and the back windmill is scenic and productive. Animals are plentiful and native Texas Whitetails range from 100 - 170 inches.

For the hunter that wants a more private experience with choices of animals and a desire to take the best nature provides, the Ridge View ranch provides the Best of Times!

Family outings and corporate retreats are incredible at our ranch. Please link to those if that is your interest.

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